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 Welcome, dear Shaumbra and Lightworkers around the world!

we are very proud to present our brand-new products, online-store and online workshops!


For about two months we did almost nothing but preparing our creations for 
the Shaumbra Launchpad presentation on 2010 feb. 06.

A good deal of various mind-blowing New-Energy-Products is ready for delivery and most of our extensive descriptions are accessible in english already... but there are still some blank spaces on our website and our online store we kindly excuse!

We hope you'll enjoy the provided informations anyway and moreover we look forward to get and stay in touch with many of you!

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To be - instead of doing.
To operate - instead of re-acting.
To be bonded - instead of being cut-off.
In pure love - instead of being mired.
This is the essence of the ascension process.
Channeled by the Beings of Light of the Lotos-Methods through Irene B. Grabner

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